#eye #eye


(2021 - 2022)

Simulating the player entering a platform built with digital information about the user, the user will find countless monitors and walking robots surrounding them. The user needs to click on each button to turn off the monitors to leave the platform.


MAY 2022 - JUN 2022

‘“Platform empires: every click is capital”’

AR Design / Unity 3D


The VR game follows Ezzi, a young girl with Alzheimer's who's fighting to get her memory back. We experience her mind's unraveling from her point of view making her the ultimate unreliable narrator. You will feel trapped in the room and this is brought to life through game visual tricks.

VR 游戏跟随 Ezzi,一个患有阿尔茨海默氏症的年轻女孩,她正在努力恢复她的记忆。我们从她的角度体验到她的思想正在瓦解,使她成为最终不可靠的叙述者。您会感到被困在房间里,而这通过游戏视觉技巧得以实现。

JUL 2021 - AGU 2021


Oculus Quest2 / UE4 / Touchdesigner