#eye #eye

UX / UI Design

(2019 - 2020)

One of the biggest issues with the ocean is completely out of sight and out of mind. This project, essentially, is an environmental issue. When you look at our planet, it’s unique in the known universe, because we’ve got an ocean that is the source of life, it controls everything, including the climate, the oxygen we breathe.
FEB 2020 -MAR 2020

‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’

Game Design / UX Design


The project of digital interactive facilities was designed a name called “release” In downtown business district.
in order to get people to release pressure,
Because many mental problems are more common in urbanites.

MAR 2019 - APR 2019


UX / UI Design


This Mini-program project was designed a name called “Moving-Box".
In Chinese cities.
Because it is inconvenient to store baggage during travel,
The goal of this project is to better solve the problem of temporarily storing people’s items in the city.
APR 2019 - MAY 2019


UX / UI Design


For this project designed service station called Shika
In Nara park, Japan.
Because deer eat garbage ,

The goal of this project is to protect deer.

MAY 2019 - JUN 2019

‘Dear Deer’

Service Design / Graphic Design