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IS71084A: Programming for Artists and Designers (Joe)


The “Me Too” movement is an organization to bring change to society for women who have been sexually abused or harassed. This movement has brought on the courage for wo

men who've been sexually abused to stand up and speak out on their traumas.

In my opinion, the greatest and most valuable aspect of the "me too" movement is not about exposing a batch of lists, not about making sex offenders punished, it’s about allowing the whole society to re-examine and pay attention to the definition of "sexual harassment". The factors that are related to each other, strictly defining "sexual harassment" and strictly preventing "sexual harassment" is not just to protect the vulnerable party who is vulnerable, but more than that, it avoid sexual assault caused by sexual harassment. The arrival of "Me too" movement is to break the collective unconsciousness of "This is nothing". The respect and equality between genders and people must take it to heart.


With the text "ME TOO", the portraits of 5 women are grown out of the messy lines to encourage the abused women to bravely tell their own experiences. At the same time, select lots of messages that from the birthplace of the "Me Too" movement----- Alyssa Jayne Milano’s Twitter "If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote too' as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem", for example, "Me too. Several times, the first one at age 8 by a 65-year man. He went to jail." "After 50 years it is STILL too painful for me to talk about what happened, I don't know if I ever will be able to." We try to give a voice to those who don’t have the courage to say these words publicly. Everyone should stand up bravely, and the whole society should redefine "sexual harassment" and value this phenomenon.

Visual properties:

In the visual center, the portraits of 5 women grow out of the chaotic lines. Each paragraph of text is enlarged to see the lines of "ME TOO". At the bottom left, select some messages from victims who participated in the "Me Too" movement. It will cause you to rethink everything about yourself and your future. The user can use the keyboard to control and press the "M", "E", "T", "O" and "O" buttons to update the portraits and messages. From the visual point of view, it is like these female victims


Draw these messy lines based on the base map of the portrait, and then replace the lines with text. The first step of the algorithm involves the "slime Mold" field. The initial step is the base image is processed into "black-white-gray", like the grayscale is regarded as "food". The original image has more trajectories in places with high brightness and fewer trajectories in places with low brightness. Extracting the color of the pixel is repeated many times. Use the function to build a winding structure, and the generated spiral will produce many variants through the angular velocity and radius. Through the keyboard keys "M" "E" "T" "O" "O" to update the portrait and text.


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