#eye #eye

Computational Arts

(2020 - 2021)

Our group chose to focus on the theme of Feminist Technoscience, exploring the issue of gender bias ingrained within software. Using virtual assistants as our starting point, we examined how our technological creations and attitudes towards them might shape our real world interactions, and how we can draw on the recursive nature of AI technologies to drive positive social change.


OCT 2020 -NOV 2020

‘Technoscience Chatbot’

AI / Website Design

https://hl2l7.csb.app/ (Chat with our bot)


“Chasing space” is an immersive game, Player can control a spaceship in space like David Bowman. You need to move the spaceship through the Gyroscope and Rotation Rate of GyrOSC.

《追逐太空》是一款身临其境的游戏,玩家可以像大卫鲍曼一样在太空中操控一艘宇宙飞船。您需要通过 GyrOSC 的陀螺仪和旋转速率来移动宇宙飞船。

MAR 2021 - MAR 2021

‘Chasing Space‘

OSC, OpenFrameworks


The arrival of "Me too" movement is to break the collective unconsciousness of "This is nothing". The respect and equality between genders and people must take it to heart.
JAN 2021 - JAN 2021

‘Me too’

Processing / Creative Coding